Kenya 2018

Kenya 2018

Friday September 20, 2019

A year ago I was traveling around Kenya filming for the travel agency Charlies Travels for about 2 months. During this time I’ve seen so many beautiful places and met a lot of nice people. I’ve completely forgot to make a photo report about this.

A couple of the locations are: Mombasa, Tampa Hills, Tsavo West/Lions Bluff, Nairobi, Ol Pejeta, Mount Kenya, Samburu county.

Mombasa sunsetKenyaKenyaKenyaKenyaKenya - Mombasa, maintenance on the fishing boatsKenya - Mombasa, street foodKenya - Mombasa, local hotel ownerKenya - Mombasa, the meat marketKenya - Mombasa, the meat marketKenyaKenyaKenyaKenyaKenyaKenyaTaita HillsKenyaKenyaKenyaKenyaKenyaKenyaKenyaKenyaDSCF6023A022_C020_0822DI.0000023FRhinoDSCF5906DSCF5943Taita HillsTaita HillsKenyaLumo - Tsavo westDSCF5984DJI_0967A021_C030_0821JD.0000000FDSCF6498DSCF6638DSCF7987DSCF6688DSCF6731DJI_0170DSCF6769DSCF6345DSCF7183DSCF7252DSCF7370DSCF7359DSCF7196DSCF7128DSCF7149DSCF7160DSCF6936DSCF6188DSCF7403DSCF7416DSCF7457DSCF7435DSCF7460DSCF7410DSCF7478DSCF7688-EditDSCF7712DSCF7980DSCF7959DSCF7930DSCF7504DSCF7576DSCF7700NairobiNairobiKenya - Nairobi, the Dutch journalist Koert LindersKenya - Nairobi, local fashionKenya - Nairobi, one of the shops/homes of the hidden marketKenya - NairobiDSCF4809KenyaDSCF5356KenyaDSCF5441KenyaKenyaKenya

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