FPV Drone vs motorbike

Shoots / Monday March 7, 2022

Fellow photographer Bart van der Putten asked me if I wanted to try out my small sub250 gram drone to film his newly renovated motorbike. I thought why not 🙂

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Annelous wingfoiling Zeelandbridge video

Shoots / Monday March 7, 2022

The Zeelandbridge is one of the most iconic bridges in The Netherlands. I wanted to do a watersports related shoot around it for a long time already, but it’s illegal for kitesurfers around there. With the introduction of wingfoiling a lot of new spots opened up, so Annelous Lammerts and I decided to try out […]

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Soaring Zoutelande

Shoots / Monday March 7, 2022

Near Zoutelande is one of the highest dunes in The Netherlands, which makes a great place for paragliding or soaring. During winter and low winds this is a great hobby next to kitesurfing or surfing. I went to watch my friends and also to take some shots while I was there.

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North Cape FPV drone

Shoots / Travel / Tuesday September 22, 2020

Last December I joined the Noordkaap Challenge for the second time and this time I brought my FPV drone to the most Northern part of Europe. Pretty harsh environment with a lot of wind and a radar tower that caused a failsafe (loss of connection). But this was a great opportunity to try out the […]

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Mentawai trip

Travel / Friday August 28, 2020

At the start of the year I decided to go to a different place in Indonesia, surf paradise Mentawai islands, to the west of Sumatra. I went there to take surf photos of the guests of a resort called Driftwood Mentawai, run by the Belgian Ben and local Elsa. Compared to Bali it’s a pretty […]

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Pre-wedding shoot Tom & Esther

Shoots / Thursday July 30, 2020

Tom & Esther asked me to do a pre-wedding shoot so they have some nice photos to use on their wedding card, and of course it’s a great way to practise to be in front of the camera. Tom has a garage together with his father and brother and is really into restoring and driving […]

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Het Badpaviljoen drone test

News / Shoots / Thursday May 14, 2020

The restaurant Het Badpaviljoen in Domburg is preparing to reopen again in June after being closes because of the lockdown. So this is a good time to do another test with the drone while is quiet around the restaurant.

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Drone tests

Gear / News / Shoots / Tuesday May 5, 2020

During this quiet times I’ve been able to test out different types of FPV (first person view) drones, which are able to get really unique shots. I’ve had the change to test it out at the photoshoot of the hotel Villa Magnolia in Oostkapelle. If you’re interested in these kind of shots, feel free to […]

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Kite-waveriding at Domburg

Shoots / Monday September 30, 2019

Nina asked me if I wanted to do a kiteshoot at Domburg, luckily there were some decent waves. And together with Christiaan I took some waveriding shots. The weather was not really summer like, but good enough to practise shooting in this kind of conditions.

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Domburg evening surf

Shoots / Friday September 27, 2019

After some days of Northern wind, the swell picked up pretty well. I decided to try out my waterhousing before I go to Indonesia later this month. Too bad I had a problem with the waterhousing so I continued the shoot with the drone.

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Domburg kitesurfing aerial photos

Shoots / Tuesday September 24, 2019

I took my drone out during a nice sunny summer evening to film and photograph some of the kitesurfers. The spot is in between Domburg and Westkapelle and ideal because you can park next to the beach.

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Kenya 2018

Travel / Friday September 20, 2019

A year ago I was traveling around Kenya filming for the travel agency Charlies Travels for about 2 months. During this time I’ve seen so many beautiful places and met a lot of nice people. I’ve completely forgot to make a photo report about this. A couple of the locations are: Mombasa, Tampa Hills, Tsavo […]

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USA California shoot

Shoots / Wednesday September 18, 2019

Last May I went for Tao (routeproduction.cn) to California as second cameraman and photographer to create photos and videos for a couple of Chinese fashion and outdoor brands. The week before the shoot with had time to do location scouting and look around the famous parks and places. We went to places like Death Valley, […]

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Oestermagazine shoot Yerseke

Shoots / Monday September 16, 2019

Oestermagazine (oyster) asked me to a portrait and documentary photoshoot of Aard at his work at the oyster pit in Yerseke.

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Kitesurfing Domburg & Neeltje Jans

Shoots / Friday September 13, 2019

Trying out the Salty surf waterhousing a bought this year, on a kitesurf shoot. At Domburg with Bart (waveriding), and at Neeltje Jans with Sander during some windy days in June.

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Westkapelle lighthouse

Shoots / Wednesday September 11, 2019

Another famous landmark for photography, the small red lighthouse in Westkapelle, the point of Walcheren.

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Westkapelle sunset

Shoots / Monday September 9, 2019

The evening while we were waiting for the sea sparkle to arrive.

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Domburg sunset waves

Shoots / Friday September 6, 2019

Small waves and sunset make a great subject for water photography. Too bad we don’t have that many opportunities here for this kind of photography.

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